Growing Blue Oyster Mushrooms — Grow Kit $25


  • After you receive your bag of mushrooms and get home, find a place to grow the mushrooms.   Find a spot that does not have direct sunlight.  Just enough to read by is what mushrooms like.
  • Place the bag on its side with the air hole up (that’s the little white patch) and cut an X about 1 inch square and not too deep.
  • Now just leave the bag for about a week, maybe 2 then you will see little black pins starting to appear.  This is called PINNING.  At this point start to spray-mist the pins with water morning and night.
  • They will double in size every day and reach the end of the cycle in 5 days.  When they get bigger start to spray-mist more often.  The more you mist, the bigger they get.  But don’t overdo it.
  • Around day 5 or 6 you can harvest.  You can do this with a knife being careful not to cut the bag or you can grab and twist the plant so they will separate.
  • Open the bag (if needed) at the top and remove any mushroom debris from the tio.  Tilt the bag and pour in a cup of water.  Seal the top by folding the top over about an inch and taping it.  Lay bag on its side and tape the hole where the X is to completely seal the bag.
  • After about 2 weeks remove the tape from the X and away we go again.
  • With the proper conditions you can get up to 5 flushes.
  • Recipe Click Here

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