Growing Shiitake Mushrooms — Grow Kit $25

  • When you get home with your mushroom “log,” find a place to grow the mushrooms where they won‘t be disturbed and they will get ample light; just enough to read the paper by is enough.  They don’t like direct sunlight.  Find a container for them to grow in; something like an old cake pan is good.
  • Place the mushroom log in the pan and put enough fresh water to rise about 1 inch
  • That’s pretty much it.  Keep an eye on it every day.  After mushrooms start to grow, mist (spray water) them morning and night.  When they get bigger mist more often.
  • Harvest when the mushroom starts to open up. The vale on the outside edge will skirt the mushroom and eventually start to turn a little bit up [maybe about the 7’ o’clock position.  This is the optimum time to harvest.
  • After harvest, remove from water and set up on a shelf to dry. This drying will take about a week or so.
  • To grow another cycle soak the log in water for 2 hours to re-hydrate, then start again.  the re-start should flush again in about 2 weeks.  Repeat up to 4 times if conditions are favorable.
  • Recipe Click Here

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